The Pad offers you comfort, warmth and the ability to sit more correctly, due to the gap. You get closer to your horse, and feel the its movements more clearly. This will increase your horse's sensitivity to your sitting, and improve your own balance.

Salli Riding Pad is suitable for horses and riders of any size and age, because of its shape and treeless structure. The Pad suits any kind of riding, from dressage to tackless and hacking. It is simple and very light, yet lasting and strong due to its natural, high-quality materials.

The pad stays on with a regular girth. You also have the chance to add stirrups for extra support. Stirrups, however, are not to be leaned on, because the Pad is treeless. The girth and stirrups are not included.

NOTE! Delivery time 2-3 weeks.


390,00 â‚¬


Salli Riding Pad, Grey & Black

Salli Riding Pad, Grey & Black

  • Salli Riding Pad, Grey & Black
  • Salli Riding Pad, Grey
  • Salli Riding Pad, Grey & Red
  • Salli Riding Pad, Grey & Blue
  • Seasonal colour: Grey & Pink
  • 10 mm thick padded suede overlay
  • Ecological, made of leftover leather from Salli chair production
  • Backside strong and breathing linen
  • Girth straps strong leather
  • Colours: Grey, Grey & Black, Grey & Blue, Grey & Red, Seasonal colour Grey & Pink
  • Weight 1 kg 
  • Warranty 2 years